About us

GG (Good Guy Good Girl) Cupid was created for those who are in search of a relationship. Whether it be a new friend or two, maybe your relationship will lead to a MATCH made in heaven!  We match you with others that have the same important criteria as you! Start searching today at GGCupid.com.  

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Why we are different

GGCupid is not a corporate entity who is guided by a model and membership numbers. Instead, we are focused on matching our members based upon our own experience in achieving a successful match and ultimately a memorable and loving marriage.

Our Goal

You know, like many of you, I had a dream some years ago to find true love. In my case, I imagined meeting and marrying the right man. Over time, I continued to focus on that dream until it happened. I would like to see other people realize their dreams of real love in the way which I did. A real love story which most couples can experience either locally, regionally or in most any country around the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to guide and to assist good people around the world in discovering their hearts true potential in finding a compatible love in a partner. A matched compatibility in which they can potentially experience real and genuine love.


My own story is unique to me, and as I have told it, it has touched the hearts of many friends and other people around the globe. When my husband suddenly died after having so many wonderful years together, I knew I was beckoned by the legacy of our marriage, to share our story and guide others to potentially achieve the kind of special love that my husband and I shared.

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❤️ True Love is about looking forward together into eternity ❤️


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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